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Uncut Gems – 2 Min Review (Spoiler-Free)

Note: I had a client request a short-summarized film review of Uncut Gems, for his website. The client only wanted a 200 word review, so he paid me for the 200 word review and that’s why this review is short and straightforward, lol.

Uncut gems

I’m always late to these things man, but here goes nothing.

Uncut gems, directed by the Safdie Brothers, is a Jam-Packed anxiety-fueled thriller that delivers a jolt of adrenaline, bringing you to the edge of your seat.

The ominous sound from the trailer alludes to the gem this movie is going to be and the bright big smile Sandler gives Mr. Garnett immediately draws you in from the get-go.






Uncut Gems

What I really liked about this film, is how the tension is presented in a brash manner and how the audience could really feel the tension present in Howard (Sandler). It’s an unfolding of events that the audience is on a ride for – It never stops.

If you are particularly fond of these fast-paced thrillers, unlike many of the ones we’ve seen before: although great! (a lot of guessing, a lot of mystery, slow-paced,) then I don’t think you might enjoy this one as much. But if your cake is a film with ever-increasing pacing, beat to beat tension (from the moment it starts to the minute it ends) then Uncut Gems is the thriller for you. That to me: is a TRUE thriller!

Blockchain: How does this technology benefit me?

How does ‘Blockchain’ benefit me?

After watching a Documentary on YT named Blockchain City, I started to take some notes about the benefits of the integration of this technology, as countries and companies start developing and using it more and more.

Blockchain – is a ‘chain of blocks’ (‘block’ is the digital information and ‘chain’ is the public database it’s stored on), and these”blocks” are made up of digital pieces of information. Blockchain essentially acts as a ‘Digital Ledger’ that is a decentralized system of networks (in which the famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin runs on this technology). The way cryptocurrency operates on this technology is that it operates without a central bank, recording transactions and records over secure networks and storing it in this digital ledger.

Countries like Dubai, The Netherlands, Switzerland, India and Estonia (which is leading in this blockchain technology) have started using it. Estonia, has fully integrated this technology into they’re country, essentially running a digital society with it, offering democratized government services for its citizens.

While watching this documentary and trying to understand essentially the basics of this Blockchain technology (sorry, I showed up late to the crypto and techie party *a big nervous grin*), and seeming as my knowledge of this is limited – I couldn’t help but try to understand how this Blockchain technology could benefit me if I were to integrate it into my life?

Notes from the Documentary

I wrote down 5 ways this technology will be of benefit to me according to Blockchain City:

  • Ease of access for public digital services
  • Expedited bureaucratic processes (lord knows we all need this one lol)
  • Democratized governmental services to the public (as countries like Estonia as currently doing).
  • Essentially, if you live in The States and were to travel to Thailand for Cosmetic Surgery services (cost-efficient if you want to save money I guess) or you heard that Thai doctors were much nicer than the ones in The States – than with Blockchain, your entire medical records on this technology are available for you and your doctor to access, with the encryption level given to Bitcoin.
  • Voting becomes way more democratized and the power is handed to the voters. In the way, that votes won’t be stored in a single centralized server, which is more likely to be vulnerable to get tampered with (I see you Russia!).

I still have limited knowledge of the technology that is being offered by Blockchain and even less on the cryptocurrency (I.e,Bitcoin) that is running it.

As I try to understand it more: I try to see in which manner, the benefits this kind of technology brings me and society as a whole.

Link to the documentary if your interested in watching!

I finally made an Action-Plan !!(2020 Goals)

Written and Presented by Miguel A. Hernandez

So, I finally made an action plan for next year of 2020, and It’s for a goal I’ve been wanting to achieve for a long time. I’ve had many difficulties and many setbacks in the past in regards to these specific challenges, but I’m confident that in the upcoming year I’M GOING TO KILL and be successful and conquer this nasty beast. I felt confident the minute I structured and wrote the plan; but more than a PLAN – it’s a long-term challenge.

December 31, 2020, will be the day I finally will have lost and have undergone through a complete YEARLY transformation: of attaining the body that I desire. Going from a lazy, undisciplined, and unmotivated journey; to one of discipline, grit, hustle and satisfaction.

And I finally have the blueprint to make it Happen! I finally have the foundation dubbed, The Foundation Weight Loss to turn my vision into a reality.

So, remember:

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What necessary planning will you do today to make those 2020 Goals into a reality?

More to come…

– M.H

What do you really want?

In this moment, I want satisfaction. I want to escape the confines of the four walls of my bedroom and escape somewhere and just experience peace and satisfaction.

I want to be free from all the clutter and commentary running through my life – especially the commentary running through my mind. All the expectations that are just a product of the way I feel – are super arbitrary (I even question if their mine) or expectations that the world has projected on me.

I’m sitting – nay – laying on the bed just letting out all my frustrations and thoughts out at this moment. Everything is a process and a journey, but I’ve still got much clarity to define what kind of life I’d like to be living – free from expectations – void of any toxic thinking or anything that could contaminate and cloud that clarity.

In the end: What do I really want?

Well, in this moment…

I would like a large ass coffee (2 cream & 3 sugar) to satiate my never ending coffee obsession. 🙂

On Desire: Goals and Aspirations from a 19 year old Kid.

Note: I know some of the writing is a bit contradictory and I have to admit some denial, lol (The Rolex and the ‘anti-materialism’). I was just looking over some old journals and found some old writing from 5 years ago in a blue Five- Star Journal (I still have all my old Journals) and I found an old prompt from when I was 19 (about my goals) that I wanted to share.

Some of the destinations written down: I can gratefully say have already visited since writing this prompt.

I want to be able to make more money because I don’t want to be limited by cash. I want to live amazing experiences (some you need great lumps of cash to do). Bartending seems to be a good start. I want to travel the world and that is great way to do it! I’ve done France already, some of Europe, but It’s incomplete! I want MORE! It’s such an amazing experience to travel. With my money I would use it to buy experiences over materialism.

I still have Brazil, Vegas, California, Puerto Rico, and Dubai to go. For this I would bust my ass off working two shifts for. I would buy the hottest designer clothes, because I love dressing nice! I go for that ‘bad boy-edgy’ style: Leather Jackets, Black Shades, dark Jeans, and matching shoes with that outfit.

The watches definitely inspire a huge amount of desire in me – I love Watches. If I could, I would buy me a Platinum Onyx Diamond Rolex. I often FANTASIZE about being at the jeweler.


I’m looking at the watches, but I fell in love with this one: The Platinum Onyx Diamond Rolex with the chrome strap along with the chrome bezel around it. It makes me feel nice, valuable – like a badass! It’s a surreal feeling knowing that I can walk into any jewelry store and the sense of confidence that comes with knowing that I’m not limited (financially) and that I have freedom.

Financial Freedom gives me that sense of confidence that I can buy any watch in THAT shop. It just delivers a authentic and sly smile on my face. I take my pick of over 10,000 options – every single one of them is mine.

I take a look around as I’m dressed in a grey business suit – Tom Ford, Aldo Wingtip black shoes, and black tie. I stay bent down, as my focus remains on the watches. The retailer then comes up and asks if I need assistance and with the confidence and certainty in my posture I point out the Platinum one with the chrome strap. It feels good to be financially free, I think to myself. I feel freedom, my career affords me financial freedom, ‘above average’ experiences, abundant travel opportunities, flexibility – ‘like a bitch‘, as I keep on thinking, holding the beautiful timepiece in between my fingers.

I leave the shop.

That’s another ‘Rolli’ added to my collection. Collecting’ checks all at the same time. Just having that ability to give myself what I want is beautiful. I most of all, with all the money I make: I’m able to help my parents enjoy THEIR life.

It makes me feel good.

The Exquisiteness of Amsterdam: Top 10 ‘must see’ experiences, on your next trip. (Travel Series)

Written and Presented by Miguel Hernandez

Taking a trip to A-dam soon? Knowing where to be and where to go is key to having a good trip. Sure, you could check off that you went ‘here and there’ off your bucket list or must-see cities your list and you’ll have it made. But let’s make the argument that you don’t want to make a joke out of your fucking trip, so if it’s your first time or second time there, then allow me to indulge you in my top ten best places in the city of canals! (and weed of course – lol!).

  1. The Rijksmuseum

If world-class museums penetrate every fiber; every atom of your soul and elevate you to a state of altered consciousness – while being able to ‘flex’ on Instagram: then this is the place for you.

Masterful, glorious, wonderful works of art are housed in this wonderful museum. If ever I wanted to craft the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing thriller-horror movie with astounding chase scenes: This place would be it, it’s so beautiful.

If you see yourself gawking at portraits for a mere 3+ hours then then Rijksmuseum is for you.

2. Anne Frank Museum

If your nostalgic for a memorable piece of history; beyond the Canals, the prostitutes, and drugs – and if your a bit of a night goer like myself, then you may even be familiar with the exclusivity and process of the nightclubs. (but not very memorable)

Then… you’ll know that the place I’m about to mention is indeed a lot more exclusive and beautiful – and very memorable!

You’ll need to buy your tickets ahead of time, or you’ll run the risk of long lines; and missing out even. If you’re looking for something more memorable, unforgettable, and surreal – more exclusive than the nightclubs, coffeeshops and red light district: then I recommend you experience the beautiful and memorable Anne Frank Museum. (told you, very exclusive!)

3. Food Trucks

The food trucks are an experience in and of itself. Make sure you don’t miss out on the local experience – crave and feast on the delicious local street food such as: hot dogs, dutch apple pies, and much more as you stroll in the Museumplein district sitting in front of the park bench eating and taking in the ambience and culture of Amsterdam. What a better way to experience a place and it’s culture than it’s local food? What an even better place to get an essential taste of the local food street food than in the form of the food truck?

4. The Architecture

Take Pictures, many pictures.

It’s outstanding how beautiful the architecture is when you experience the city for yourself. It’s easy to lose yourself in the fascination and history behind the canals. Don’t forget to take a guided canal tour to explore all the beautiful architecture adam has to offer and walk in many of the districts within this beautiful city.

5. Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh is like the Indescribable Travis Scott of our Generation (or Kanye West, depending on who you ask).

The Van Gogh Museum is a can’t miss. Exclusivity and memorability come in the similar fashion like the Anne Frank Museum: you must buy your tickets beforehand if you don’t, you risk missing out. Aesthetically pleasing works of art from the Famous painter are housed in this beautiful museum. Located in the Museumplein district – it’s a can’t miss.

6. Visit the Coffeeshops (if it’s your thing)

Do I Have to say it…?

Well… Just in case you haven’t heard (you might have), but the “Coffeeshops” in A’dam is where you can openly smoke Marijuana in a lounge setting (think of a hookah lounge), where you can sit back, relax, enjoy and smoke up with a group of friends (or if your riding solo.) It exists as a cafe the serves Marijuana with all of the leisurely, relaxing benefits of a cafe (or hookah lounge). I believe they serve other drugs on the Menu besides Marijuana (such as Psychedelics). I can’t say for sure (or it depends on which ‘coffeeshop’ you visit), but I’m pretty sure you can get yourself other drugs beside Marijuana (again if your into these activities, then have fun.)

If Smoking is something that feeds your relaxing and rebellious nature, Then I recommend the grand Coffeeshops of Amsterdam.

Why you should go? For the Marijuana; for the enjoyment; for a pleasant night out and for the greatest reason of all: for the experience.

8. Rent a bike and ride it around the city

Have fun! Ride around the city, around the canals (just don’t fall into the water of course), and the streets. Watch out for traffic. Best to lose some pounds and shed some weight.

9. Visit a good Cafe

All in all, whenever you get tired of the coffeeshops go and unwind yourself at a good cafe. Go explore and find yourself a good cafe, where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself a good cup of coffee.*remember cafe (coffee); NOT coffeeshop (Drugs)* (too many drugs can’t be healthy for anybody.)

Amsterdam offers a variety of local cafes for the coffee connoisseur.

10. Red-Light District

Before you end your trip, you want to make sure you make way to the famous Red-Light District. Come and indulge in all of your hedonistic pleasures!

Amsterdam is the place for the traveling Hedonist: offering sex shows, sex shops, a world-famous Red-Light District Museum, Peeking booths, and if that isn’t enough to satiate your salivating hedonistic fantasies – then if your keen: have some fun with some of the most beautiful women or men (coming soon ladies) in europe peeking out of the windows waiting to take your money and satisfy all your naked fantasies. When in rome!

Does starting something new overwhelm you?

Overwhelmed Much?

I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I often feel overwhelmed when I want to start something new that I have no experience or much expertise in it, regardless of how interested I may be in such topic.

This form of overwhelm-ness usually presents itself in the form in Career prospect opportunities – that’s when you really feel it it hits hard.

When you have to fulfill certain requirements that your not too sure you can fulfill, but then you take an inventory of yourself and realize you can; then it’s just everything that comes with it, that is the feeling of being overwhelmed that I described above. Its that lack of confidence that really does you in.

But I guess in these moments it’s really important to unzip yourself from the skin of your flesh, step out of yourself and take a good long introspective look inside yourself and ask why?

Why do I feel overwhelmed?

Why do you feel overwhelmed?

For me, it’s starting out all this blogging, writing, and content producing mess. I have no experience and I’m not feeling certain of myself that I’m going in the right path or the direction I want.

I know I want to write.

Have you ever felt uncertain or lost?

If I were to contextualize the feeling I have right now: It would be similar to when you visit a unique destination, then you get lost. In that moment, all you can think of doing is looking around you, seeing what everyone else is doing, because your lost.

The only thing you can think of in that moment is to look around and in that moment: you don’t know anything, you feel uncertain – you want the ‘right’ answers.

As you’re walking, you see the ‘suits’ walking with their briefcases, poised with purpose. Knowing that in that moment, THEY have certainty and confidence in their world; Or the couple having a good time smiling, knowing THEY’RE certain and confident in their world in that moment. Then you look at yourself and you’re just there – lost, uncertain and unconfident of your world in that moment. Fearful that the world may swallow you up at any time. A poor lost soul, uncertain and afraid.

Why you should trust yourself the most, when your full of doubt.

It’s in these moments, where your uncertain of how to act, what to do, and even what to say – that you must trust yourself the most. In these moments, where are overwhelmed and doubtful, that you must draw on your faith and beliefs to push you over the edge. It’s not merely enough to think it – you must believe it.

It’s not merely enough to believe it.

You must look deep within yourself and prove to yourself that you can overcome these challenges. Some call it intuition, I say it’s more than just the feeling. Because as we just revisited: when your most overwhelmed, your intuition may tell you to give up. More than the feeling you have to believe that everything will be ok and that you have the ability to overcome this challenges, lost as you may be. It’s knowing deeply within yourself about what you think to be right in the moment, that you’ll find yourself in the right direction.

Find the answer, then take action.

So you may be lost and overwhelmed, but take a deep look inside yourself and ask yourself why?

Why are you overwhelmed?

Why do you feel lost and uncertain that you can make your mark in this world?

Once you discover your answer, decide what is the best thing to in that moment and take action.

I can’t pretend I have a DIY for overcoming overwhelming anxiety or a 10 step formula, but all I know can offer is: what are you contributing? Why do you feel that way? What action will you take when you find your answer.

Hope this helps!

Boon Joon-Ho’s Parasite – 2 min Review

Boon Joon Ho’s Parasite is a Masterful-Masterpiece.

If you haven’t taken time out of your day to experience (and yes experience), because movies like these are a glorious experience for those who are lovers of cinema. Your doing yourself a great disservice.

Parasite is a story of chance, opportunity, and economic class. And what many of those who aren’t in such favorable circumstances are willing to do to climb the ranks of economic class. Specifically, a tale of two families who are two sides of the same coin: where one is well-off and the other is barely scraping by. A tale of a lower income family leeching off the upper class family – through lying and manipulation – and the obstacles and challenges they must overcome as a family to stay in the good graces of their upper-class “employers.” You get an inside scope of the lifestyle between the two families.

I believe the tension and cinematography in this film was well-crafted to foreshadow events to come and they did it remarkably. The pacing initially (in about the first 20 min) feels a little slow, but then you begin to feel and become engaged with storyline as the plot begins to build up as the movies progresses. It has it’s perfect moments of tension and suspense as to have the audience not be too reliant on the pacing and not letting them get too comfortable.

Their were some beautiful shots of the Park family’s house and I especially loved how they managed to capture the Kim’s neighborhood in the state of distress when it came to the downpour and flooding.

It’s a suspenseful ride that keeps you engaged. When you feel like the movie doesn’t have anymore to deliver, it delivers blows of surprises.

I really enjoyed this film and recommend anyone who’s keen on seeing it or had no plans to watch it, to reconsider your plans. It’s worth the watch!

Today’s Social Disconnect between Men and Women

Written and presented by Miguel A. Hernandez

Is This all there is?

“Is this all there is?” There I am sitting at my local Starbucks thinking and pondering back and forth on this. It’s hard for me to feel like this is all there is to life. Like, once you achieve all your goals or if your someone like me, where you get to a point where you experienced such emotions and now you pursued what it is that you want, now you ask: what else is there is there or what is the point now? What the fuck is the point? Because now your like why? why pursue that if your still going to feel like complete shit.

Maybe it’s the lack of connection?

Maybe the lack of meaning?

For me, I think it’s the lack of connection.

Maybe, I feel that way because I’m not opening up and I’m closing off to others.

The social disconnect plaguing men

There’s a social disconnect plaguing men and women today that may make up for the fact that mostly everybody who is anybody Is facing a mental health crisis and it may be due to some of the reasons below.

  • People don’t socialize as often anymore. It’s a lost art
  • I know social media has gotten a bad rap and I’m not one to usually play the blame game, but the question must be pegged: Has social media ruined us?
  • Has social media ruined/deteriorated the social dynamics between man and women?
  • For men: what exactly are the barriers that stop guys from connecting with women?

What exactly is the cause that has many guys feeling shit, isolated, lonely, and depressed?

Guy after taking a real introspective loner look at his life.
Photo by Johan De Jager on

So, back to that last question, I think it’s important:

What exactly are the barriers that stop guys from connecting with women?

Many guys think it’s the women who are indescribably manipulative, self-absorbed lying whores – and to some extent they would be correct. It doesn’t take a lot to look at the courts and the misleading allegations women have brought on to men to justify why many feel this way. I think a lot of these perpetuated justifications by guys such as:

  • Because of the false allegations
  • Feminazi man hating “feminists”
  • Much of the trust has deteriorated between both sexes. Much of the culture in the workforce involves women not trusting the men they work with. Hollywood and it’s scandals clearly depict the shift in the culture.

Fear or excuses

Are the excuses guys using not to socialize with women anymore about something rational or is it something more? something deeper, like fear?

  • Fear of getting rejected?
  • Fear of getting embarrassed?
  • Fear of confronting they’re biggest insecurities?
  • Fear of other people’s opinions and perceptions of them

Who knows…

The Cultural Change

We have to get to a place where we can reconnect with the inner most desires we all crave: connection. Be it, by intertwining technology or something, but I think this is a valuable discussion that must be had between the both sexes. It’s my belief that the more intelligent technology gets, the dumber we get as a society.