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On Desire: Goals and Aspirations from a 19 year old Kid.

Note: I know some of the writing is a bit contradictory and I have to admit some denial, lol (The Rolex and the ‘anti-materialism’). I was just looking over some old journals and found some old writing from 5 years ago in a blue Five- Star Journal (I still have all my old Journals) andContinue reading “On Desire: Goals and Aspirations from a 19 year old Kid.”

Does starting something new overwhelm you?

Overwhelmed Much? I’m feeling overwhelmed. I often feel overwhelmed when I want to start something new that I have no experience or much expertise in it, regardless of how interested I may be in such topic. This form of overwhelm-ness usually presents itself in the form in Career prospect opportunities – that’s when you reallyContinue reading “Does starting something new overwhelm you?”