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The Hungry Circus Clown

Written and Presented by Miguel A Hernandez I keep having these dreams: thoughts of eccentric writing and of the modern day 21st century success. Lucid dreams keep me awake as I type and type away, uncertain of when the ending calls. But I write till these precious little fingers bleed out. Yes reader, dark andContinue reading “The Hungry Circus Clown”

The downfalls of the Unemployable Jester: The Importance of Perspective

Written and presented by Miguel A. Hernandez Why will no one hire me? After so many setbacks in the job hunting process: one can easily fall into the traps, temptations, and the desperations, that ultimately break you down when rejection hits you. What’s to be said about this conundrum? Idk… If I had to takeContinue reading “The downfalls of the Unemployable Jester: The Importance of Perspective”

“Do this. Do That”

Written & Presented by Miguel Hernandez. The freelancer Challenge An Ultimate Guide to Self-destruction. “You must push out content” “You must blog” “You must know how to price your work/time” “Create a profile on Fiverr” “Make sure you drink 2x amount the coffee as the regular human being” “Create a structured outline” “You have toContinue reading ““Do this. Do That””

What do you really want?

In this moment, I want satisfaction. I want to escape the confines of the four walls of my bedroom and escape somewhere and just experience peace and satisfaction. I want to be free from all the clutter and commentary running through my life – especially the commentary running through my mind. All the expectations thatContinue reading “What do you really want?”

Does starting something new overwhelm you?

Overwhelmed Much? I’m feeling overwhelmed. I often feel overwhelmed when I want to start something new that I have no experience or much expertise in it, regardless of how interested I may be in such topic. This form of overwhelm-ness usually presents itself in the form in Career prospect opportunities – that’s when you reallyContinue reading “Does starting something new overwhelm you?”