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The Exquisiteness of Amsterdam: Top 10 ‘must see’ experiences, on your next trip. (Travel Series)

Written and Presented by Miguel Hernandez

Taking a trip to A-dam soon? Knowing where to be and where to go is key to having a good trip. Sure, you could check off that you went ‘here and there’ off your bucket list or must-see cities your list and you’ll have it made. But let’s make the argument that you don’t want to make a joke out of your fucking trip, so if it’s your first time or second time there, then allow me to indulge you in my top ten best places in the city of canals! (and weed of course – lol!).

  1. The Rijksmuseum

If world-class museums penetrate every fiber; every atom of your soul and elevate you to a state of altered consciousness – while being able to ‘flex’ on Instagram: then this is the place for you.

Masterful, glorious, wonderful works of art are housed in this wonderful museum. If ever I wanted to craft the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing thriller-horror movie with astounding chase scenes: This place would be it, it’s so beautiful.

If you see yourself gawking at portraits for a mere 3+ hours then then Rijksmuseum is for you.

2. Anne Frank Museum

If your nostalgic for a memorable piece of history; beyond the Canals, the prostitutes, and drugs – and if your a bit of a night goer like myself, then you may even be familiar with the exclusivity and process of the nightclubs. (but not very memorable)

Then… you’ll know that the place I’m about to mention is indeed a lot more exclusive and beautiful – and very memorable!

You’ll need to buy your tickets ahead of time, or you’ll run the risk of long lines; and missing out even. If you’re looking for something more memorable, unforgettable, and surreal – more exclusive than the nightclubs, coffeeshops and red light district: then I recommend you experience the beautiful and memorable Anne Frank Museum. (told you, very exclusive!)

3. Food Trucks

The food trucks are an experience in and of itself. Make sure you don’t miss out on the local experience – crave and feast on the delicious local street food such as: hot dogs, dutch apple pies, and much more as you stroll in the Museumplein district sitting in front of the park bench eating and taking in the ambience and culture of Amsterdam. What a better way to experience a place and it’s culture than it’s local food? What an even better place to get an essential taste of the local food street food than in the form of the food truck?

4. The Architecture

Take Pictures, many pictures.

It’s outstanding how beautiful the architecture is when you experience the city for yourself. It’s easy to lose yourself in the fascination and history behind the canals. Don’t forget to take a guided canal tour to explore all the beautiful architecture adam has to offer and walk in many of the districts within this beautiful city.

5. Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh is like the Indescribable Travis Scott of our Generation (or Kanye West, depending on who you ask).

The Van Gogh Museum is a can’t miss. Exclusivity and memorability come in the similar fashion like the Anne Frank Museum: you must buy your tickets beforehand if you don’t, you risk missing out. Aesthetically pleasing works of art from the Famous painter are housed in this beautiful museum. Located in the Museumplein district – it’s a can’t miss.

6. Visit the Coffeeshops (if it’s your thing)

Do I Have to say it…?

Well… Just in case you haven’t heard (you might have), but the “Coffeeshops” in A’dam is where you can openly smoke Marijuana in a lounge setting (think of a hookah lounge), where you can sit back, relax, enjoy and smoke up with a group of friends (or if your riding solo.) It exists as a cafe the serves Marijuana with all of the leisurely, relaxing benefits of a cafe (or hookah lounge). I believe they serve other drugs on the Menu besides Marijuana (such as Psychedelics). I can’t say for sure (or it depends on which ‘coffeeshop’ you visit), but I’m pretty sure you can get yourself other drugs beside Marijuana (again if your into these activities, then have fun.)

If Smoking is something that feeds your relaxing and rebellious nature, Then I recommend the grand Coffeeshops of Amsterdam.

Why you should go? For the Marijuana; for the enjoyment; for a pleasant night out and for the greatest reason of all: for the experience.

8. Rent a bike and ride it around the city

Have fun! Ride around the city, around the canals (just don’t fall into the water of course), and the streets. Watch out for traffic. Best to lose some pounds and shed some weight.

9. Visit a good Cafe

All in all, whenever you get tired of the coffeeshops go and unwind yourself at a good cafe. Go explore and find yourself a good cafe, where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself a good cup of coffee.*remember cafe (coffee); NOT coffeeshop (Drugs)* (too many drugs can’t be healthy for anybody.)

Amsterdam offers a variety of local cafes for the coffee connoisseur.

10. Red-Light District

Before you end your trip, you want to make sure you make way to the famous Red-Light District. Come and indulge in all of your hedonistic pleasures!

Amsterdam is the place for the traveling Hedonist: offering sex shows, sex shops, a world-famous Red-Light District Museum, Peeking booths, and if that isn’t enough to satiate your salivating hedonistic fantasies – then if your keen: have some fun with some of the most beautiful women or men (coming soon ladies) in europe peeking out of the windows waiting to take your money and satisfy all your naked fantasies. When in rome!

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