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Uncut Gems – 2 Min Review (Spoiler-Free)

Note: I had a client request a short-summarized film review of Uncut Gems, for his website. The client only wanted a 200 word review, so he paid me for the 200 word review and that’s why this review is short and straightforward, lol.

Uncut gems

I’m always late to these things man, but here goes nothing.

Uncut gems, directed by the Safdie Brothers, is a Jam-Packed anxiety-fueled thriller that delivers a jolt of adrenaline, bringing you to the edge of your seat.

The ominous sound from the trailer alludes to the gem this movie is going to be and the bright big smile Sandler gives Mr. Garnett immediately draws you in from the get-go.






Uncut Gems

What I really liked about this film, is how the tension is presented in a brash manner and how the audience could really feel the tension present in Howard (Sandler). It’s an unfolding of events that the audience is on a ride for – It never stops.

If you are particularly fond of these fast-paced thrillers, unlike many of the ones we’ve seen before: although great! (a lot of guessing, a lot of mystery, slow-paced,) then I don’t think you might enjoy this one as much. But if your cake is a film with ever-increasing pacing, beat to beat tension (from the moment it starts to the minute it ends) then Uncut Gems is the thriller for you. That to me: is a TRUE thriller!

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