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Bocas del Toro (Travel Series)

The green Lusciousness escape is mirrored by it’s turquoise crystalline waters. Sandy beaches that seductively lure you in melt all of your problems away at the first step. The invigorating fibers perched on top of the luscious Palm Trees are penetrated by the rays of the 3′ o clock sun. It’s a nirvana for the backyard surfer. It’s territorially marked by Yoga Freaks, Surfer Bros and Insta Dames. The Unexplored beauty of Central America.

All are welcome for a fantastic getaway!

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This will be the year.

This will be the year, I will learn the tricks and trades, the ins and outs, the insider secrets of how to navigate the treacherous waters – the coastal waves of Panama’s beautiful beaches, by the power of ‘bro’ vested upon me by the surf gods.

I may want to give up after having a jellyfish trapped in the root of my mouth or after falling time and time again for thee nth time. (Yes, I misspelled thee on purpose. I’m crazy like that, lol.) But, I trust the community of surfer bros to cheer me on and teach me what their ancestors taught them before them: everything from sticking the tongue out, to doing the bro horns gesture while riding on the board.


I want to feel like the chosen one.

So, while I’m drying off my hair, at the same time, trying to stay away from all the ‘surfer bros’ and their stories about their incredible noble achievements of chugging 4 kegs of beer in under 2 hours at that party

where will you be, because It’s almost Spring Break! Time to book those flights!

What are you waiting for!?

Book those flights and reserve those rooms. Get those bodies ready and tanned. Prepare yourself for perfect green luscious escape.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, because it may never arrive Yes, I’m talking to you Aunt May!

I’ll be waiting for you guys down In Panama this Spring Break.

Keep on Surfin’!

– MH.

Fantasy Island (Brief Spoiler Discussion)

Written and presented by Miguel A. Hernandez

5 Contestants. All your wildest fantasies met. One island. Kind of sounds like the Netflix Documentary Fyre Festival (in a way it is if you watch the movie, lol.)

Fantasy Island

A Brief Spoiler Discussion.

What a god awful movie, omg!

Allow me a brief minute, I will try to paint a picture of what I experienced at my nearby cinema. Yes, I went to go watch it on valentine’s day and my theatre was packed. You could see it all from where I was sitting: the couples from both corners of the room clutching their hands. Singles were trying to anxiously hide behind their popcorn or sit with a large group to avoid the shame of being single on Valentine’s Day (I was one, lol). Kids. well, the kids were kids… Every saint and devil and every church goer and community activist were in attendance for this premiere. The love was in the air, the expectation rose high, and after the final trailer crept it’s way back into the projector – the crowd was finally ready to take in this experience. People were excited for this film.

I can tell you that from watching the trailer, conceptually, it looked like an amazing horror thriller and I feel it had so much potential!The potential for this movie was so gold and so pure!

I was so encapsulated with the trailer at the thought that this film was going to give us a new creative spin (into having our darkest and profound fantasies satisfied) met with a new level of slasher, that it was going to elevate the audience to an altered state of bliss. Great on paper, great conceptually, terrible execution! I thought it was going to be a hedonistic paradise met with the unparalleled consequences of a serial killer’s insatiable fantasy for human flesh.

Boy, was I wrong..

it failed in it’s execution.

But this movie makes you want to throw your bongos at the wall and think why any sensible person would greenlight this after you finish watching it!?

The Acting

The acting was terrible. Please don’t get me started with the performances – everybody down to the great Michael Pena appeared as a amateur in terms in performance. I want to throw the statement and say that I believe that Michael Pena was miscast. Still… Something about his character bothered me. I think that the character and the accent he was trying to blend into the character of Rourke was completely off… I’ve heard his character. He has a great natural diction in his voice, was it really necessary to have that necessary accent portrayed into that stupid character?

Everyone down to the waitstaff – I had issues with.

I actually enjoyed the character of the marine (who was the father of the cop), but beside him everybody else was miscast or gave terrible performances.

I feel like Rooker’s character was wasted and they could have used him better, but hey? Don’t expect anything great from these folks.

The Dialogue

Very Cringy. Seriously, who wrote this?

I actually found a part of myself and found an undiscovered part of myself that had this unorthodox facial gestures whenever I wanted to laugh. At that point, it wasn’t even much of a laugh rather than some unexplored side of myself that I never knew was there as I burst out laughing from the terrible dialogue.

Let’s talk about the dialogue, I have never seen something so terrible with cringe worthy dialogue as much as this garbage.

I caught some social commentary as well. (Not sure if this is your cake, but the way the execute Is very terrible)

Hyper Bros, Am I right? Lol.

What is the tone?

What is the tone? Is this an action movie? A comedy? at times it felt like it wanted to be Indiana Jones, it also felt that it wanted to include a high sense of action into it? I must ask again: Who greenlight this disaster?

What is the tone here? Honestly it tries to go back between comedy and adventure, that the movie fails to ground itself in any one genre or one tone.

I think it’s fine to blend different genres into a film tonally, like An American Werewolf in Paris managed to pull off, but this film had more on it’s plate than it could handle.

Honestly what is this genre?

If we could flash ourselves into the future and we could look back and see what the downfall of film of was and what is that one movie that led to the downfall of film

I would point to my fingers fall off and till I’m blue in the face, that this was the movie that led to the downfall of film.

What is this?

This is a hilarious excuse for a horror movie and it’s at moments like these that make you wonder: who greenlit this garbage?

This movie doesn’t even know what it wants to be! is it an action movie? A comedy?A drama? A revenge mystery? a horror-thriller? At times it felt like it wanted to be like Indiana Jones during the second act some of the cast try to go on an adventure in order to find something to stop the island because they have to save everybody else from their fantasies and the island is trying to kill them.

The acting is terrible.

The writing is a joke

This movie is an embarassment.

2/10 – The only reason I would consider giving it a 2 is because of the beautiful concept of the Fantasy Island, the unpredictable decisions and the gorgeous location shots.

One benefit from the movie (if they would have executed it properly) would have been: is the underlying theme of ‘whatever one wishes for: it is never enough.’ Even with the biggest fantasy met, one is never content with and always seeks more. (I.e, take the Maggie Q’s character who had her little girl and even after she had her – it was not enough.)

Overall – save yourself the trouble and avoid this movie!

The downfalls of the Unemployable Jester: The Importance of Perspective

Written and presented by Miguel A. Hernandez

Why will no one hire me?

After so many setbacks in the job hunting process: one can easily fall into the traps, temptations, and the desperations, that ultimately break you down when rejection hits you. What’s to be said about this conundrum? Idk…

If I had to take a guess – I would say that maybe the company one applies for, senses the impending/repelling frustration and desperation raining down upon them three states away (but that would be my guess). However, after all the ‘hoop jumping’ – at some point: it becomes dehumanizing. Going through the entire steps; all the motions; repeating the cycle time after time again; waiting for a phone call; waiting for the eager interview (eager for any kind of response). In the end: in all honesty: it just becomes really humiliating. The thought of relying on other people’s responses for your livelihood and position of economic security becomes humiliating. You go through the grueling process of applying for jobs you know your perfectly qualified for. Your not looking to waste anybody’s time, you just want to work but no one wants to hire you! “you don’t have the experience,” they say.

So, how do you get the experience? *insert head shrug*

I hate the feeling of having something to prove to people I’m not familiar with; people that I don’t know (I hate that!). I hate the feeling of having to rely on a feeble email to get any sense of hope. And, when they do contact you – it’s to tell you that they have found someone else; while at the same time, they try keeping you in the reserve pool of candidates, by asking if you’ll stay.

Won’t you stay? You could have second pick if you remain in the pool of applicants,”

They suggest it with such conviction in their tone. (The Fucking Bastards)

No thank you!

I really hate this entire process.

It’s a dehumanizing and humiliating act of blindly giving all these unknown strangers my last bit of hope: so they can mishandle it and crash it down the tubes. This feeling (of the last bit of hope) is a feeling that keeps you warm at night and to just blindly hand it over is akin to being on your last 10$ and handing it a greedy scum investor (who promises to make you rich) then fucks you over by spending your last dollar. Because honestly – that’s all these people do at the end of the day, they make promises and don’t deliver!“oh, come apply with us you’ll get x number of cash, x amount of benefits and you’ll receive a new company car, a bright red mercedes!

So, in a pool of 70 applicants for one job position only one of us gets the benefits and sometimes it’s not even based out of merit or top qualities. Nepotism or any other factors that influence the hiring decision are important. (but that’s a discussion for another day because I frankly don’t care and NOT invested enough to complain about it because it is what it is! Even after seeing people you personally know totally being hired at this company that you know they aren’t qualified for getting the job!) Nope, it doesn’t warrant my attention, because I frankly don’t care at this point and the level of investment I have is only redeemable enough for one long ass rant! I’m not complaining! It’s more bitching than anything!

The thing I hate the most, is the fact that they send you this beautiful little message to sugar coat the fact that you really weren’t good enough for them; and they do this, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings! Because they don’t want to be that one company who hurts their candidates feelings (because in this day in age feelings is all anyone cares about!). Me?

I would rather prefer the nasty over the nice.

The ugly over the pretty.

Honesty over inauthenticity.

The unapologetic truth: That you are not worth it and we don’t fucking want you here.

Seeing as my ranting credits are almost gone and I only redeemed enough for one – I want to stay true to my core message and focus on bringing this tirade of a ship show to an end (Slowly bringing it in; slowly into the docks) bringing an end my beautiful melancholic crescendo. I made the claim that this was not about complaining and I want to stay true to that.

In my ending argument, I want to highlight the most important point I got from this, and looking at it from a different perspective: how I could use this trainwreck of a life lesson to benefit me in my future endeavors going forward. One could easily lose their marbles and take this personal and brake down like a 77′ pinto with a bad transmission and faulty oil leaks. But it’s Important to be fluid enough in your emotions to shift between perspectives to recognize the good, bad, and ugly and what you can draw out of this lesson to benefit you going forward. Because to be honest, as much as many of us would like to look at things in a prettier light: they still end up looking like fucking shit. If you own a 77′ pinto no matter from what perspective you look at it – you still own a POS car! It’s not the shiny car that matters, rather, what is important, is what you can draw out of that experience and perspective, that can benefit you in life. I think for me as an aspiring entrepreneur, I can look at it from a different light and realize just how dependent I’ve become on a single employer. I think it’s to my detriment and seeing that I don’t want to be in that position (because I see myself in a position where I am financially free and stable), that could be done by having an ample amount of money invested in a savings account. What ends up happening, is the career hunting no longer becomes about ‘finding a better opportunity’, but rather, it takes a more sinister form that typically requires much patience and makes you into a desperate person. It ends up giving every last ounce of hope to the unknown strangers at the top, who are making the decisions on whether they want to hire you or not.

I fucking hate that feeling.

The feeling of powerlessness and being reliant on someone or something else to give you that sense of ‘ok, everything is going to be ok!’ (that certainty). From an Entrepreneurial standpoint: if one becomes too reliant on one source of income: it increases your chances of growing more desperate. From a more pragmatic approach, I think looking at it from a different scope, it could have been a great thing, because it opened my eyes on how truly dependent and often times desperate I was on that single employer.

Going forward, I don’t every want to experience ever again.

It’s not the company’s fault that I’m in the position I am or as desperate as I am for money, because a lot of this could have been avoided had I invested and focused on growing a healthy savings account (Sure, I may have run out at some point), but I can assure you I wouldn’t have been as desperate as I was. Bam.. since I’m on a roll, here goes another one: another benefit I could draw from this is to take control and launch my entrepreneurial ventures. I would not be reliant on any single employer for money and I could work on side gigs to lean away from relying on the ‘conventional ‘paycheck.’

I don’t ever want to experience this again – ever!

Things might get worse before they get better, but I feel confident going forward. I recognize that from an entrepreneurial standpoint: i’m actually glad that I was rejected because maybe – I would have fallen in that same pit of dependence that I’ve been in year after year; Side hustles, strong investment savings, emergency funds, diversified investments – all move you away from the conventional paycheck and away from that pits of dependence. So, in a way I’m glad that happened because I would have not seen this if not for the constant rejection.

In Summary: Too much dependence on the employer is no good, because the key to financial growth is through Independence. Taking matters into my own hands (starting a business, side hustles, part time job to make money) – I would be so much MORE in control of my financial health and in my career. And, even after so much rejection: I finally have the permission that I have been seeking to finally grant myself.

If I decided to take control of my life in this manner and move towards Independence – would I be calm and collected or would I lose my marbles if any employer decided not to hire me?

I don’t think I would.

I would be too focused on myself that things like “Why won’t they hire me?’, doesn’t even become an issue anymore – It just melts away.

— Here’s to a brighter future of Independence and Financial Freedom.

How do you deal with the frustrating overwhelming pressure?

Written And presented by Miguel Angel Hernandez

In a world full of instant gratification, how do we battle the pressure of being patient and not losing our fucking minds in pursuit of our sweet little beautiful goals!? I feel frantic. I feel like i’ve delivered my soul to some to some evil entity – in return for riches, because when your breaking into a new industry and career like myself – your eventually starting from the ground up.

It’s impossible not to lose your mind. It’s an impossible task at hand because in order to keep yourself sane, you must sacrifice that sanity for a piece of the pie you so desperately seek. People say, “Do this, Do that, you must travel here, you must go there? Travel here. Travel there, in the end, why do we subject ourselves to this mistreatment? I wonder if the main reason we end up doing it is to impress people we have no business impressing.

Now, to get to my point and the issue at hand

Terminator T2 Operating mode

I’ll be back…

I’m in this phase in my life where I want to do everything and attack all the opportunities, and most importantly I want to end up launching my startup this year and take it off the ground but god is it so overwhelming! – Like, when ever you complete one step it’s never enough because there are like 10,000 steps more you have to do – and OPTIMIZE, you surely have to optimize your search content.

When you have the world over telling you what to do – what is the best decision to take?

There’s so many rules that one has to abide by in order to climb the ranks of success

If you want to lose weight – Eat healthier.

Want to make money? Get a job. Want to make more money? get a better paying job.

How do you get a better job? How do you get the job in the first place?

Freelancing Challenges

It never becomes enough, even when you complete the task – and even when you complete the one after that one. It’s truly never enough.

What mentality are we operating from?

To Conclude:

I honestly believe that we subject ourselves to this scrutiny, because we allow ourselves to be brainwashed the expectations and desires of others. Now, I am not advocating that you don’t follow your dreams, because what kind of homie would I be (O.G’s for life!).

No, what I am saying is that in the process of following your goals and dreams, make sure to check in with yourself in what you really desire.

Arnold says to watch yourself, because humanity faces a grim future.

Go for the cons. Because if the cons inspire you. Then the Pro’s will be the perfect icing on your cake.

Written and presented by Miguel Angel Hernandez

I want to be freelance copywriter.

It seems like a creative career for business and financially minded individuals like myself.


I don’t have the necessary experience.

I’m a great writer (of course, I would think I am), but there are so many challenges and efforts required for someone who is barely breaking in, that it can be overwhelming at times. I’m aware of the Pro’s – it’s the cons that scare the shit out of me and that I find challenging! It’s the cons that make you want to hide in a corner and never come out until the next full moon.

So, alas…

A few cons of being an esteemed freelance copywriter

Cons of being a freelance copywriter:

  • Work is Often Solitary

Some people aren’t bothered by this. I personally love working alone, because it allows me to focus on my work and get more done.

But, I understand some may see this as an issue.

Creative professions, such as professional copywriting, require minimal distractions for optimum results. If long periods of silence make you uneasy or prone to distractions, this might be an obstacle.

  • Requires Discipline

Working alone brings about the temptation for easy distractions.

Smartphones, the internet, and YouTube (the worst offender in my view), make it very easy to slip up and distract yourself from your work.

It becomes easy to waste time when you’re not worried about your boss sneaking up behind you while your on Facebook.

If your discipline muscle (yes, it is a muscle) is weak, it’s best to strengthen it up before you make a serious commitment to a career in professional copywriting.

  • Meeting Strict Deadlines

Deadlines: when The words “client” and “patience” do not always exist in the same sentence.

Depending on how you handle pressure, you may or may not find this difficult to deal with. Pressure tends to actually motivate some and make them focus better, but for some, it causes them to become overwhelmed. Depending on your own personality and how you handle deadlines and pressure, this may or may not be an issue.

As with anything in life: go for the cons, because if the cons motivate you, then the pro’s will be the ultimate icing on the cake – the cherry on top!

Sentence Structure Practice

I’m a newbie writer so I wrote this little piece for creative writing class. – But I made some corrections: because I realize how much work my sentence structure and grammar need, lol. So I rewrote it with the purpose of improving my writing skills. Enjoy!

The Other Child

Such a broken disaster – Mother could never recover the from the trauma endured. She was never the same. She could never reach the peak of her greatness again: the peak father had burdened with the avalanche of hurt he unleashed on her.

Mother knew best. We went a 1,000 miles north of Alaska, “The further away from father, the better” she said.

Father was a broken man. Father was mentally ill: he had voices of a thousand sailors cursing in his head; demonizing his family and turning him into the mirror image of Satan himself (Almost if something out of a 70’s slasher movie).

He always remained a gentleman when I saw him. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but see him as a fraud – a juxtaposition – a sick duality: an angel by day and demon by night. He always wanted to protect me; always wanted the best for me. But in the process of protecting me: he only managed to hurt and push me and mother further away.

I love father and I know he loves us too. Although, I know he can’t express it, because he’s mentally ill: almost as if a child was buried deep inside the trauma; neglected after all these years – too afraid of asking for a hug or gesture of love.

Here I stand: a child, ready to give the other ‘child’ all the hugs and love he never received in his life.

On my way to Business Cal. this next time around

How to put this into words?

It’s an icky feeling. Words don’t do it any justice. The feeling is too exponential that no amount of algorithms will allow me to find the greatest common factor for it. I’m not sure I have the proper derivatives to find the solution this time. I feel that my current trajectory in life is a grand miscalculation: by overestimating the multiplication and underestimating the algebra needed to solve this amount of calculus. My math skills aren’t the best and I admit that.

So, as I walk into my algebra class this next time around, I hope I can find the perfect trajectory and the proper derivatives in my life that I am looking for.

“Hustle Culture” An angry rant

Written and Presented by Miguel Hernandez

My, oh my…

How did our great, amazing and modern civilization progress to a new level of now attaching a label to literally everything – just to make us feel safe and sleep better at night. I get angry at the human species for being so stupidly- stupid, that it brings me to tears the amount of anger that gets built up from such human bile.

Now, the newest phenomen “Hustle Culture”

“Hustle Culture” and the people regurgitating this term are people you have to get the fuck away from. It isn’t different than, “Keeping up with the joneses” but now instead of measuring cars, houses, and money, people now measure ‘hustle’ and ‘effort’ (Because now everyone and their fucking grandmother is a minimalist.) Not any different than guys measuring dick sizes to measure who’s is bigger. It’s all done for validation. What’s the difference? There is no difference. You see what someone else is doing, and you feel the need and pressure to do and have what someone else has – regardless of how many Tesla’s you own, and how many Elon Musk’s you blew to get your hands on one.

Just a quick rant….

More to come about”Hustle Culture”.

“Do this. Do That”

Written & Presented by Miguel Hernandez.

The freelancer Challenge

An Ultimate Guide to Self-destruction.

  • “You must push out content”
  • “You must blog”
  • “You must know how to price your work/time”
  • “Create a profile on Fiverr”
  • “Make sure you drink 2x amount the coffee as the regular human being”
  • “Create a structured outline”
  • “You have to put 10,000 hours into your craft”
  • “You aren’t marketing correctly, you have to make sure you hit every target audience!”
  • “DO this, DO that”
  • You suffer from dementia
  • You die.

Thank you, We will consider your application.


you can become a freelancer.

Breaking in to the New Year…

Starting off this week with a bang! Wow, what a way to start off 2020! The Golden Globes were yesterday! Damn, J-lo should’ve won best supporting actress for Major motion Drama instead of Laura Dern!

How to start off the New Year?

Wow…I have much that I want to accomplish this year. Like everyone, I get a bit energized at the start of January, because I want to believe with every ounce of my soul that I’m going to be able to manifest my goals into reality.

Every year, though – I feel I come up short.

It could be due to not structuring my goals correctly, not properly planning them, or failing to be consistent and failing to execute (maybe it’s too much on my plate?). At the start of every January, I fall for the ‘new years’ resolution’.

My goals for this year

I’ve always faced the dilemma – The HUGE dilemma of not knowing what I want to do with my life, but this time around I think I actually know what THAT SOMETHING might be. I’ve found that my real interest and truly what I enjoy doing is writing – and I want to do something with that! I’m a business major and I have a genuine interest and love for business. In saying that, I want this year to be the year I launch my freelancing, copywriting business, this year. I’m not expecting to make a million $$, but I would just love to have this year to focus on launching this business to take it off the ground.


I would love to travel more. My travel destinations for this year include tearing up and invading Asia like a long lost traveler yearning for freedom and a unique expedition. (Kidding, I’m a well behaved traveler lol!)

Thailand is especially on the map for the summer!


Im seriously in debt. I owe a lot of money and I would love to pay off the major debts I owe this year.

Student Loans, Car Note, bills – you name it.

Everything paid off.


I would love to Launch my Youtube channel this year and take it off the ground. Again, I’m not expecting a million plus subscribers, but I would love to just be consistent and get into the flow of uploading and creating content. My content would include: Business, Self-improvement, Movies and vlogging of course!


Along with launching my copywriting business, I would love to focus on my writing so I could improve my artistic and creative skills (Hemingway who? Picasso who?)

I live in TX, but since last year there is this Screenwriting bootcamp that I’ve been wanting to take in Los Angeles. Not that I’m thinking about making blockbuster movies, but I would just like to improve and grow as a writer – and screenwriting is one of those things I want to learn along with content creating.

There is also an international writers workshop in Amsterdam I would love to attend. I know, I know “Why go all the way to Amsterdam for a workshop?” – there are writing workshops, here, but because my love of travel won’t let me take them HERE, then I must go overseas and take that workshop over there.

Budgeting and Finances.

I don’t know how to budget, but I am learning how to keep my finances and budgeting in order.

Let 2020, be the year we all become great budgeters! #makebudgetinggreatagain!

Launching my website

I want to launch my website and build my portfolio this year.

This really goes along with my writing: I want to be able to build up my writing portfolio.

Moving to South America

If possible, I want this year to be the year I move to South America. There are some things that are tying me down right now, so I would be behind schedule. But I would love this year

Build this blog

I want to build and grow this blog and get to meet the fantastic blogging community, and what everybody is all about.

In conclusion, I guess the central theme here is: I dream big, but I don’t like high expectations that don’t aren’t reachable or achievable for me.

I like making my expectations more practical and keep the dreams where they belong:

Above the clouds, so I can feel inspired when I look up.