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Fantasy Island (Brief Spoiler Discussion)

Written and presented by Miguel A. Hernandez 5 Contestants. All your wildest fantasies met. One island. Kind of sounds like the Netflix Documentary Fyre Festival (in a way it is if you watch the movie, lol.) Fantasy Island A Brief Spoiler Discussion. What a god awful movie, omg! Allow me a brief minute, I willContinue reading “Fantasy Island (Brief Spoiler Discussion)”

How do you deal with the frustrating overwhelming pressure?

Written And presented by Miguel Angel Hernandez In a world full of instant gratification, how do we battle the pressure of being patient and not losing our fucking minds in pursuit of our sweet little beautiful goals!? I feel frantic. I feel like i’ve delivered my soul to some to some evil entity – inContinue reading “How do you deal with the frustrating overwhelming pressure?”

Uncut Gems – 2 Min Review (Spoiler-Free)

Note: I had a client request a short-summarized film review of Uncut Gems, for his website. The client only wanted a 200 word review, so he paid me for the 200 word review and that’s why this review is short and straightforward, lol. Uncut gems I’m always late to these things man, but here goesContinue reading “Uncut Gems – 2 Min Review (Spoiler-Free)”