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Does starting something new overwhelm you?

Overwhelmed Much?

I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I often feel overwhelmed when I want to start something new that I have no experience or much expertise in it, regardless of how interested I may be in such topic.

This form of overwhelm-ness usually presents itself in the form in Career prospect opportunities – that’s when you really feel it it hits hard.

When you have to fulfill certain requirements that your not too sure you can fulfill, but then you take an inventory of yourself and realize you can; then it’s just everything that comes with it, that is the feeling of being overwhelmed that I described above. Its that lack of confidence that really does you in.

But I guess in these moments it’s really important to unzip yourself from the skin of your flesh, step out of yourself and take a good long introspective look inside yourself and ask why?

Why do I feel overwhelmed?

Why do you feel overwhelmed?

For me, it’s starting out all this blogging, writing, and content producing mess. I have no experience and I’m not feeling certain of myself that I’m going in the right path or the direction I want.

I know I want to write.

Have you ever felt uncertain or lost?

If I were to contextualize the feeling I have right now: It would be similar to when you visit a unique destination, then you get lost. In that moment, all you can think of doing is looking around you, seeing what everyone else is doing, because your lost.

The only thing you can think of in that moment is to look around and in that moment: you don’t know anything, you feel uncertain – you want the ‘right’ answers.

As you’re walking, you see the ‘suits’ walking with their briefcases, poised with purpose. Knowing that in that moment, THEY have certainty and confidence in their world; Or the couple having a good time smiling, knowing THEY’RE certain and confident in their world in that moment. Then you look at yourself and you’re just there – lost, uncertain and unconfident of your world in that moment. Fearful that the world may swallow you up at any time. A poor lost soul, uncertain and afraid.

Why you should trust yourself the most, when your full of doubt.

It’s in these moments, where your uncertain of how to act, what to do, and even what to say – that you must trust yourself the most. In these moments, where are overwhelmed and doubtful, that you must draw on your faith and beliefs to push you over the edge. It’s not merely enough to think it – you must believe it.

It’s not merely enough to believe it.

You must look deep within yourself and prove to yourself that you can overcome these challenges. Some call it intuition, I say it’s more than just the feeling. Because as we just revisited: when your most overwhelmed, your intuition may tell you to give up. More than the feeling you have to believe that everything will be ok and that you have the ability to overcome this challenges, lost as you may be. It’s knowing deeply within yourself about what you think to be right in the moment, that you’ll find yourself in the right direction.

Find the answer, then take action.

So you may be lost and overwhelmed, but take a deep look inside yourself and ask yourself why?

Why are you overwhelmed?

Why do you feel lost and uncertain that you can make your mark in this world?

Once you discover your answer, decide what is the best thing to in that moment and take action.

I can’t pretend I have a DIY for overcoming overwhelming anxiety or a 10 step formula, but all I know can offer is: what are you contributing? Why do you feel that way? What action will you take when you find your answer.

Hope this helps!

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