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Today’s Social Disconnect between Men and Women

Written and presented by Miguel A. Hernandez

Is This all there is?

“Is this all there is?” There I am sitting at my local Starbucks thinking and pondering back and forth on this. It’s hard for me to feel like this is all there is to life. Like, once you achieve all your goals or if your someone like me, where you get to a point where you experienced such emotions and now you pursued what it is that you want, now you ask: what else is there is there or what is the point now? What the fuck is the point? Because now your like why? why pursue that if your still going to feel like complete shit.

Maybe it’s the lack of connection?

Maybe the lack of meaning?

For me, I think it’s the lack of connection.

Maybe, I feel that way because I’m not opening up and I’m closing off to others.

The social disconnect plaguing men

There’s a social disconnect plaguing men and women today that may make up for the fact that mostly everybody who is anybody Is facing a mental health crisis and it may be due to some of the reasons below.

  • People don’t socialize as often anymore. It’s a lost art
  • I know social media has gotten a bad rap and I’m not one to usually play the blame game, but the question must be pegged: Has social media ruined us?
  • Has social media ruined/deteriorated the social dynamics between man and women?
  • For men: what exactly are the barriers that stop guys from connecting with women?

What exactly is the cause that has many guys feeling shit, isolated, lonely, and depressed?

Guy after taking a real introspective loner look at his life.
Photo by Johan De Jager on

So, back to that last question, I think it’s important:

What exactly are the barriers that stop guys from connecting with women?

Many guys think it’s the women who are indescribably manipulative, self-absorbed lying whores – and to some extent they would be correct. It doesn’t take a lot to look at the courts and the misleading allegations women have brought on to men to justify why many feel this way. I think a lot of these perpetuated justifications by guys such as:

  • Because of the false allegations
  • Feminazi man hating “feminists”
  • Much of the trust has deteriorated between both sexes. Much of the culture in the workforce involves women not trusting the men they work with. Hollywood and it’s scandals clearly depict the shift in the culture.

Fear or excuses

Are the excuses guys using not to socialize with women anymore about something rational or is it something more? something deeper, like fear?

  • Fear of getting rejected?
  • Fear of getting embarrassed?
  • Fear of confronting they’re biggest insecurities?
  • Fear of other people’s opinions and perceptions of them

Who knows…

The Cultural Change

We have to get to a place where we can reconnect with the inner most desires we all crave: connection. Be it, by intertwining technology or something, but I think this is a valuable discussion that must be had between the both sexes. It’s my belief that the more intelligent technology gets, the dumber we get as a society.

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