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The Hungry Circus Clown

Written and Presented by Miguel A Hernandez I keep having these dreams: thoughts of eccentric writing and of the modern day 21st century success. Lucid dreams keep me awake as I type and type away, uncertain of when the ending calls. But I write till these precious little fingers bleed out. Yes reader, dark andContinue reading “The Hungry Circus Clown”

The Ambiguity of Life

The ambiguity of life can be freedom for most and a trap for some. It can feel like the same freedom that compels you to succeed in whichever endeavor you choose to be successful in: can also be the same success that keeps you shackled for years – wondering if what you are doing inContinue reading “The Ambiguity of Life”

The downfalls of the Unemployable Jester: The Importance of Perspective

Written and presented by Miguel A. Hernandez Why will no one hire me? After so many setbacks in the job hunting process: one can easily fall into the traps, temptations, and the desperations, that ultimately break you down when rejection hits you. What’s to be said about this conundrum? Idk… If I had to takeContinue reading “The downfalls of the Unemployable Jester: The Importance of Perspective”

“Do this. Do That”

Written & Presented by Miguel Hernandez. The freelancer Challenge An Ultimate Guide to Self-destruction. “You must push out content” “You must blog” “You must know how to price your work/time” “Create a profile on Fiverr” “Make sure you drink 2x amount the coffee as the regular human being” “Create a structured outline” “You have toContinue reading ““Do this. Do That””

What do you really want?

In this moment, I want satisfaction. I want to escape the confines of the four walls of my bedroom and escape somewhere and just experience peace and satisfaction. I want to be free from all the clutter and commentary running through my life – especially the commentary running through my mind. All the expectations thatContinue reading “What do you really want?”