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Boon Joon-Ho’s Parasite – 2 min Review

Boon Joon Ho’s Parasite is a Masterful-Masterpiece.

If you haven’t taken time out of your day to experience (and yes experience), because movies like these are a glorious experience for those who are lovers of cinema. Your doing yourself a great disservice.

Parasite is a story of chance, opportunity, and economic class. And what many of those who aren’t in such favorable circumstances are willing to do to climb the ranks of economic class. Specifically, a tale of two families who are two sides of the same coin: where one is well-off and the other is barely scraping by. A tale of a lower income family leeching off the upper class family – through lying and manipulation – and the obstacles and challenges they must overcome as a family to stay in the good graces of their upper-class “employers.” You get an inside scope of the lifestyle between the two families.

I believe the tension and cinematography in this film was well-crafted to foreshadow events to come and they did it remarkably. The pacing initially (in about the first 20 min) feels a little slow, but then you begin to feel and become engaged with storyline as the plot begins to build up as the movies progresses. It has it’s perfect moments of tension and suspense as to have the audience not be too reliant on the pacing and not letting them get too comfortable.

Their were some beautiful shots of the Park family’s house and I especially loved how they managed to capture the Kim’s neighborhood in the state of distress when it came to the downpour and flooding.

It’s a suspenseful ride that keeps you engaged. When you feel like the movie doesn’t have anymore to deliver, it delivers blows of surprises.

I really enjoyed this film and recommend anyone who’s keen on seeing it or had no plans to watch it, to reconsider your plans. It’s worth the watch!

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