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On Desire: Goals and Aspirations from a 19 year old Kid.

Note: I know some of the writing is a bit contradictory and I have to admit some denial, lol (The Rolex and the ‘anti-materialism’). I was just looking over some old journals and found some old writing from 5 years ago in a blue Five- Star Journal (I still have all my old Journals) and I found an old prompt from when I was 19 (about my goals) that I wanted to share.

Some of the destinations written down: I can gratefully say have already visited since writing this prompt.

I want to be able to make more money because I don’t want to be limited by cash. I want to live amazing experiences (some you need great lumps of cash to do). Bartending seems to be a good start. I want to travel the world and that is great way to do it! I’ve done France already, some of Europe, but It’s incomplete! I want MORE! It’s such an amazing experience to travel. With my money I would use it to buy experiences over materialism.

I still have Brazil, Vegas, California, Puerto Rico, and Dubai to go. For this I would bust my ass off working two shifts for. I would buy the hottest designer clothes, because I love dressing nice! I go for that ‘bad boy-edgy’ style: Leather Jackets, Black Shades, dark Jeans, and matching shoes with that outfit.

The watches definitely inspire a huge amount of desire in me – I love Watches. If I could, I would buy me a Platinum Onyx Diamond Rolex. I often FANTASIZE about being at the jeweler.


I’m looking at the watches, but I fell in love with this one: The Platinum Onyx Diamond Rolex with the chrome strap along with the chrome bezel around it. It makes me feel nice, valuable – like a badass! It’s a surreal feeling knowing that I can walk into any jewelry store and the sense of confidence that comes with knowing that I’m not limited (financially) and that I have freedom.

Financial Freedom gives me that sense of confidence that I can buy any watch in THAT shop. It just delivers a authentic and sly smile on my face. I take my pick of over 10,000 options – every single one of them is mine.

I take a look around as I’m dressed in a grey business suit – Tom Ford, Aldo Wingtip black shoes, and black tie. I stay bent down, as my focus remains on the watches. The retailer then comes up and asks if I need assistance and with the confidence and certainty in my posture I point out the Platinum one with the chrome strap. It feels good to be financially free, I think to myself. I feel freedom, my career affords me financial freedom, ‘above average’ experiences, abundant travel opportunities, flexibility – ‘like a bitch‘, as I keep on thinking, holding the beautiful timepiece in between my fingers.

I leave the shop.

That’s another ‘Rolli’ added to my collection. Collecting’ checks all at the same time. Just having that ability to give myself what I want is beautiful. I most of all, with all the money I make: I’m able to help my parents enjoy THEIR life.

It makes me feel good.

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