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Go for the cons. Because if the cons inspire you. Then the Pro’s will be the perfect icing on your cake.

Written and presented by Miguel Angel Hernandez

I want to be freelance copywriter.

It seems like a creative career for business and financially minded individuals like myself.


I don’t have the necessary experience.

I’m a great writer (of course, I would think I am), but there are so many challenges and efforts required for someone who is barely breaking in, that it can be overwhelming at times. I’m aware of the Pro’s – it’s the cons that scare the shit out of me and that I find challenging! It’s the cons that make you want to hide in a corner and never come out until the next full moon.

So, alas…

A few cons of being an esteemed freelance copywriter

Cons of being a freelance copywriter:

  • Work is Often Solitary

Some people aren’t bothered by this. I personally love working alone, because it allows me to focus on my work and get more done.

But, I understand some may see this as an issue.

Creative professions, such as professional copywriting, require minimal distractions for optimum results. If long periods of silence make you uneasy or prone to distractions, this might be an obstacle.

  • Requires Discipline

Working alone brings about the temptation for easy distractions.

Smartphones, the internet, and YouTube (the worst offender in my view), make it very easy to slip up and distract yourself from your work.

It becomes easy to waste time when you’re not worried about your boss sneaking up behind you while your on Facebook.

If your discipline muscle (yes, it is a muscle) is weak, it’s best to strengthen it up before you make a serious commitment to a career in professional copywriting.

  • Meeting Strict Deadlines

Deadlines: when The words “client” and “patience” do not always exist in the same sentence.

Depending on how you handle pressure, you may or may not find this difficult to deal with. Pressure tends to actually motivate some and make them focus better, but for some, it causes them to become overwhelmed. Depending on your own personality and how you handle deadlines and pressure, this may or may not be an issue.

As with anything in life: go for the cons, because if the cons motivate you, then the pro’s will be the ultimate icing on the cake – the cherry on top!

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