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The Hungry Circus Clown

Written and Presented by Miguel A Hernandez I keep having these dreams: thoughts of eccentric writing and of the modern day 21st century success. Lucid dreams keep me awake as I type and type away, uncertain of when the ending calls. But I write till these precious little fingers bleed out. Yes reader, dark andContinue reading “The Hungry Circus Clown”

The Ambiguity of Life

The ambiguity of life can be freedom for most and a trap for some. It can feel like the same freedom that compels you to succeed in whichever endeavor you choose to be successful in: can also be the same success that keeps you shackled for years – wondering if what you are doing inContinue reading “The Ambiguity of Life”

‘Norwegian Wood’ – Haruki Murakami Quick Summary: Pages 212-257

I’ve been reading this novel from the Japanese author Haruki Murakami, ‘Norwegian Wood’ and it’s been a delightful read! As i’ve never been a strong reader myself, In comparison to others who can read 40-60 pages, probably even more in a day – I typically read around 10-15 pages a day. But the 10-15 pagesContinue reading “‘Norwegian Wood’ – Haruki Murakami Quick Summary: Pages 212-257”

Calm down… We have enough toilet paper for EVERYBODY!

Jesus Christ…a global pandemic!? How did we get to this disaster? It’s moments like this that the world feels futile, that it all feels like it’s going to come to the end; the end of the world. If you manage to stay up to date on the news, then it can easily feel that wayContinue reading “Calm down… We have enough toilet paper for EVERYBODY!”

Hopeless Romantic: My emotional attachment mistakes in the world of ‘singledom’

Written and Presented by Miguel Hernandez I’m feeling kind of dumb and stupid. As single guy, it seems that all my issues of unhappiness stem from projecting my “happiness” onto the shoulders of another person (specifically, an attractive stranger) thinking that one day there will be happiness. I blame my gender: We men can neverContinue reading “Hopeless Romantic: My emotional attachment mistakes in the world of ‘singledom’”

Kicking off this week

Written and Presented by Yours Truly Kicking off this week I have some exciting challenges that I want to partake for this month of March. They’re a couple ‘Do try’ tasks that I want to try out for say, maybe a week, to see If I could stay consistent and achieve what I set outContinue reading “Kicking off this week”

Bocas del Toro (Travel Series)

The green Lusciousness escape is mirrored by it’s turquoise crystalline waters. Sandy beaches that seductively lure you in melt all of your problems away at the first step. The invigorating fibers perched on top of the luscious Palm Trees are penetrated by the rays of the 3′ o clock sun. It’s a nirvana for theContinue reading “Bocas del Toro (Travel Series)”