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Breaking in to the New Year…

Starting off this week with a bang! Wow, what a way to start off 2020! The Golden Globes were yesterday! Damn, J-lo should’ve won best supporting actress for Major motion Drama instead of Laura Dern!

How to start off the New Year?

Wow…I have much that I want to accomplish this year. Like everyone, I get a bit energized at the start of January, because I want to believe with every ounce of my soul that I’m going to be able to manifest my goals into reality.

Every year, though – I feel I come up short.

It could be due to not structuring my goals correctly, not properly planning them, or failing to be consistent and failing to execute (maybe it’s too much on my plate?). At the start of every January, I fall for the ‘new years’ resolution’.

My goals for this year

I’ve always faced the dilemma – The HUGE dilemma of not knowing what I want to do with my life, but this time around I think I actually know what THAT SOMETHING might be. I’ve found that my real interest and truly what I enjoy doing is writing – and I want to do something with that! I’m a business major and I have a genuine interest and love for business. In saying that, I want this year to be the year I launch my freelancing, copywriting business, this year. I’m not expecting to make a million $$, but I would just love to have this year to focus on launching this business to take it off the ground.


I would love to travel more. My travel destinations for this year include tearing up and invading Asia like a long lost traveler yearning for freedom and a unique expedition. (Kidding, I’m a well behaved traveler lol!)

Thailand is especially on the map for the summer!


Im seriously in debt. I owe a lot of money and I would love to pay off the major debts I owe this year.

Student Loans, Car Note, bills – you name it.

Everything paid off.


I would love to Launch my Youtube channel this year and take it off the ground. Again, I’m not expecting a million plus subscribers, but I would love to just be consistent and get into the flow of uploading and creating content. My content would include: Business, Self-improvement, Movies and vlogging of course!


Along with launching my copywriting business, I would love to focus on my writing so I could improve my artistic and creative skills (Hemingway who? Picasso who?)

I live in TX, but since last year there is this Screenwriting bootcamp that I’ve been wanting to take in Los Angeles. Not that I’m thinking about making blockbuster movies, but I would just like to improve and grow as a writer – and screenwriting is one of those things I want to learn along with content creating.

There is also an international writers workshop in Amsterdam I would love to attend. I know, I know “Why go all the way to Amsterdam for a workshop?” – there are writing workshops, here, but because my love of travel won’t let me take them HERE, then I must go overseas and take that workshop over there.

Budgeting and Finances.

I don’t know how to budget, but I am learning how to keep my finances and budgeting in order.

Let 2020, be the year we all become great budgeters! #makebudgetinggreatagain!

Launching my website

I want to launch my website and build my portfolio this year.

This really goes along with my writing: I want to be able to build up my writing portfolio.

Moving to South America

If possible, I want this year to be the year I move to South America. There are some things that are tying me down right now, so I would be behind schedule. But I would love this year

Build this blog

I want to build and grow this blog and get to meet the fantastic blogging community, and what everybody is all about.

In conclusion, I guess the central theme here is: I dream big, but I don’t like high expectations that don’t aren’t reachable or achievable for me.

I like making my expectations more practical and keep the dreams where they belong:

Above the clouds, so I can feel inspired when I look up.

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