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“Hustle Culture” An angry rant

Written and Presented by Miguel Hernandez

My, oh my…

How did our great, amazing and modern civilization progress to a new level of now attaching a label to literally everything – just to make us feel safe and sleep better at night. I get angry at the human species for being so stupidly- stupid, that it brings me to tears the amount of anger that gets built up from such human bile.

Now, the newest phenomen “Hustle Culture”

“Hustle Culture” and the people regurgitating this term are people you have to get the fuck away from. It isn’t different than, “Keeping up with the joneses” but now instead of measuring cars, houses, and money, people now measure ‘hustle’ and ‘effort’ (Because now everyone and their fucking grandmother is a minimalist.) Not any different than guys measuring dick sizes to measure who’s is bigger. It’s all done for validation. What’s the difference? There is no difference. You see what someone else is doing, and you feel the need and pressure to do and have what someone else has – regardless of how many Tesla’s you own, and how many Elon Musk’s you blew to get your hands on one.

Just a quick rant….

More to come about”Hustle Culture”.

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