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How do you deal with the frustrating overwhelming pressure?

Written And presented by Miguel Angel Hernandez

In a world full of instant gratification, how do we battle the pressure of being patient and not losing our fucking minds in pursuit of our sweet little beautiful goals!? I feel frantic. I feel like i’ve delivered my soul to some to some evil entity – in return for riches, because when your breaking into a new industry and career like myself – your eventually starting from the ground up.

It’s impossible not to lose your mind. It’s an impossible task at hand because in order to keep yourself sane, you must sacrifice that sanity for a piece of the pie you so desperately seek. People say, “Do this, Do that, you must travel here, you must go there? Travel here. Travel there, in the end, why do we subject ourselves to this mistreatment? I wonder if the main reason we end up doing it is to impress people we have no business impressing.

Now, to get to my point and the issue at hand

Terminator T2 Operating mode

I’ll be back…

I’m in this phase in my life where I want to do everything and attack all the opportunities, and most importantly I want to end up launching my startup this year and take it off the ground but god is it so overwhelming! – Like, when ever you complete one step it’s never enough because there are like 10,000 steps more you have to do – and OPTIMIZE, you surely have to optimize your search content.

When you have the world over telling you what to do – what is the best decision to take?

There’s so many rules that one has to abide by in order to climb the ranks of success

If you want to lose weight – Eat healthier.

Want to make money? Get a job. Want to make more money? get a better paying job.

How do you get a better job? How do you get the job in the first place?

Freelancing Challenges

It never becomes enough, even when you complete the task – and even when you complete the one after that one. It’s truly never enough.

What mentality are we operating from?

To Conclude:

I honestly believe that we subject ourselves to this scrutiny, because we allow ourselves to be brainwashed the expectations and desires of others. Now, I am not advocating that you don’t follow your dreams, because what kind of homie would I be (O.G’s for life!).

No, what I am saying is that in the process of following your goals and dreams, make sure to check in with yourself in what you really desire.

Arnold says to watch yourself, because humanity faces a grim future.

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