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Bocas del Toro (Travel Series)

The green Lusciousness escape is mirrored by it’s turquoise crystalline waters. Sandy beaches that seductively lure you in melt all of your problems away at the first step. The invigorating fibers perched on top of the luscious Palm Trees are penetrated by the rays of the 3′ o clock sun. It’s a nirvana for the backyard surfer. It’s territorially marked by Yoga Freaks, Surfer Bros and Insta Dames. The Unexplored beauty of Central America.

All are welcome for a fantastic getaway!

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This will be the year.

This will be the year, I will learn the tricks and trades, the ins and outs, the insider secrets of how to navigate the treacherous waters – the coastal waves of Panama’s beautiful beaches, by the power of ‘bro’ vested upon me by the surf gods.

I may want to give up after having a jellyfish trapped in the root of my mouth or after falling time and time again for thee nth time. (Yes, I misspelled thee on purpose. I’m crazy like that, lol.) But, I trust the community of surfer bros to cheer me on and teach me what their ancestors taught them before them: everything from sticking the tongue out, to doing the bro horns gesture while riding on the board.


I want to feel like the chosen one.

So, while I’m drying off my hair, at the same time, trying to stay away from all the ‘surfer bros’ and their stories about their incredible noble achievements of chugging 4 kegs of beer in under 2 hours at that party

where will you be, because It’s almost Spring Break! Time to book those flights!

What are you waiting for!?

Book those flights and reserve those rooms. Get those bodies ready and tanned. Prepare yourself for perfect green luscious escape.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, because it may never arrive Yes, I’m talking to you Aunt May!

I’ll be waiting for you guys down In Panama this Spring Break.

Keep on Surfin’!

– MH.

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