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Kicking off this week

Written and Presented by Yours Truly

Kicking off this week I have some exciting challenges that I want to partake for this month of March.

They’re a couple ‘Do try’ tasks that I want to try out for say, maybe a week, to see If I could stay consistent and achieve what I set out to accomplish. You know Pancake goals as they say out here on the streets.

They’re not astronimical goals by any means, but really challenges that I want to implement to kick me off in the right direction

  • I’m currently reading this book by an author that I’ve been eagerly waiting to read his work – Haruki Murakami, a Japanese writer, which I’ve been told his Norwegian Wood novel is one of his bestsellers – and so far so good! The challenge for this book is to read a daily requirement of 15 pages daily minimum (I’ve been reading closer to 30-40 pages a day) through setting this minuscule challenge.
  • Write One post a day, for this blog, for this entire week. I want to see If I can do this one
  • Lord knows I’ve gotten down and dirty with my caffein habits, specifically, when it pertains to Red-bull and Monster (I’m usually drinking about 2 of them a day). So I have to reduce the amount of energy drinks I consume a day, although I’m not trying to eliminate them completely (maybe 1 or 2 per week), but still, a much better improvement then 2 or 3 per day.
  • In addition, to drinking an godly unhealthy amount of Energy drinks: I want to eliminate any sugary drinks from my diet and only allow myself to drink water or coffee, and of course maybe 1 or two energy drinks per week. Maybe try this small tweak for the entirety of the month (This is my 1st week drinking only water and coffee and soon, I expect to only be drinking water – without the coffee.)
  • Being the business eccentric Badboy that I believe I am (Shut Up, this is my blog and I make the rules here!) Kidding! I guess my objective in this here challenge, is to read a daily article, ONE article, relating to business and entrepreneurship. Honestly, It will probably be somewhere closer along the lines of Fin-tech (Financial Technology), as my recent interest have alined closer that and maybe even Blockchain, crypto, or the Real Estate market. I think it would be fair to say that it may be one of those; the rules require I do this for the entire week. And expand my knowledge in order to grow and offer something to contribute to myself and the world.

What is the purpose of these repulsive challenges you ask?

Why nothing much, my dear reader. Only to seek satisfaction through the actions themselves.

Inner growth, curiosity, and detachment of outcome (You know all those great things Buddha has preached in his philosophy through years.)

These are the requirements and the success criteria I have set for myself.

Not to publish a NYT bestseller

Not even to get six pound abs (although, it wouldn’t hurt of course).

Not even to become a multimillionaire blogger. Those aren’t my aspirations. Those aren’t even my satisfactions

Simply satisfaction through action

and a strong desire to learn more about myself

and what I can accomplish through this pathway of action and success.

True Detachment from outcome.


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