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The Ambiguity of Life

The ambiguity of life can be freedom for most and a trap for some. It can feel like the same freedom that compels you to succeed in whichever endeavor you choose to be successful in: can also be the same success that keeps you shackled for years – wondering if what you are doing in life is ever the right thing. It’s this ambiguity of life that can be a blessing to some:that feed them hope, prosperity, and direction. And, it’s this same ambiguity that keeps others depressed and shackled: in states of insanity, madness, and shackles of doubt with every action taken.

Oh, life can be a beautiful thing most of the time…. Sunshine, roses, rainbows and love.

But, other times: it can be a beautiful chaotic chicken running in all directions with its head chopped off desperately looking for signs of stasis and equilibrium.

Maybe the beauty is in the chaos and madness? Who knows?

Well Hey, the beautiful paradise of Las Vegas was envisioned in a desert – so maybe chaos and hope are kissing cousins, lol?

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