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Calm down… We have enough toilet paper for EVERYBODY!

Jesus Christ…a global pandemic!?

How did we get to this disaster?

It’s moments like this that the world feels futile, that it all feels like it’s going to come to the end; the end of the world. If you manage to stay up to date on the news, then it can easily feel that way with all the media and the toilet paper panic buying – from your neighborhood Walmart to the giant Costco you have to drive, on the other side of the city. It seems futile. It’s fatalism at it’s finest…Depending on what spectrum of information you sit on, you either believe that this was a bioweapon engineered by the Chinese, to a really bad case of bat soup, to even the more radical stories that the virus may have begun in the US (all it takes is an internet search and you can find all crazy kind of theories about anything) – Regardless, I tend to believe that the massive population in China (around 2 Bill) becomes a vulnerability that makes viruses like these easily transmitted which puts the Chinese citizens at risk. It makes any virus or contagion spread like a wildfire because in a city like Wuhan (15 Mill I believe) a single case can become a national emergency within hours, because of the proximity of every person around each other. It’s a ratio of person-to-sq.foot (my own ratio for comprehension), that even makes it logistically possible for something as small as virus to spread so quickly. I don’t know the entire story or origin of where this virus came from, but what I do know: is that now we have it and it’s needs containment; we are riding in a crazy train of uncertainty and passing by Chaos town with every minute because at this point: it’s safe to say that nobody really knows much of anything, nobody really knows – I surely don’t; the presidents and elected officials seem to have no clue as to where the trajectory of this mad max chaos train is headed. It’s a chaotic world full of uncertainty. It’s chaos and panic spreading lik entire wildfires across the globe within weeks. Poor China – I honestly feel bad for the citizens of Wuhan and I hope that they power and manage to get through this (as we all should) because we will overcome this, but in the meantime: we are going to have get by on 90’s reruns and ramen noodles, lol. But we will get through this and again, no need to panic/freakthefuckout and run to your supermarkets and hoard all the toilet paper in town.

It’s equal opportunity for all.

If one is going down, then we are all going down. If one smells like crap, then we all smell like crap! We should all have the equal opportunity to wipe our own asses with the magic that is toilet paper. I feel like this pandemic is the metaphorical equivalent to a rollercoaster (Not your regular rollercoaster, but more like the one in Final Destination where initially, everything was all good; but as you get closer and closer to the end, you start feeling the fear and uncertainty the minute you see tracks falling off in front of you, and the rollercoaster bouncing from side to side – feeding us with the uncertainty of what might happen next – only to find out that everything we experienced was a bad dream and that we will eventually be ok. The rollercoaster of chaos with all its ups and downs, twists and turns, and chaos & uncertainty – It’s all a bad dream Karen – that’s all it ever was.)

Indeed, I agree that this has been a terrible start to the month of March; more to the point – this decade, the way media and lockdown restrictions have progressed on a day-by day basis, because of this nasty virus. So, In efforts to curve the global pandemic that is the Coronavirus much of the world is currently on ‘lockdown’ as you can say. Everything from sporting events canceled, to music festivals (here in Austin the much-anticipated film and music festival SXSW was canceled to contain the virus from spreading) and to Cinemas and restaurants.

So, to all I say good luck and stay safe in this tragic pandemic.

Hey, but at least now there isn’t any excuse to put off the reading those books or binge watching those tv shows everybody is going on about on Facebook.

Here’s to the start of the New Year I guess.


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