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Uncut Gems – 2 Min Review (Spoiler-Free)

Note: I had a client request a short-summarized film review of Uncut Gems, for his website. The client only wanted a 200 word review, so he paid me for the 200 word review and that’s why this review is short and straightforward, lol. Uncut gems I’m always late to these things man, but here goesContinue reading “Uncut Gems – 2 Min Review (Spoiler-Free)”

Blockchain: How does this technology benefit me?

How does ‘Blockchain’ benefit me? After watching a Documentary on YT named Blockchain City, I started to take some notes about the benefits of the integration of this technology, as countries and companies start developing and using it more and more. Blockchain – is a ‘chain of blocks’ (‘block’ is the digital information and ‘chain’Continue reading “Blockchain: How does this technology benefit me?”

I finally made an Action-Plan !!(2020 Goals)

Written and Presented by Miguel A. Hernandez So, I finally made an action plan for next year of 2020, and It’s for a goal I’ve been wanting to achieve for a long time. I’ve had many difficulties and many setbacks in the past in regards to these specific challenges, but I’m confident that in theContinue reading “I finally made an Action-Plan !!(2020 Goals)”

What do you really want?

In this moment, I want satisfaction. I want to escape the confines of the four walls of my bedroom and escape somewhere and just experience peace and satisfaction. I want to be free from all the clutter and commentary running through my life – especially the commentary running through my mind. All the expectations thatContinue reading “What do you really want?”

On Desire: Goals and Aspirations from a 19 year old Kid.

Note: I know some of the writing is a bit contradictory and I have to admit some denial, lol (The Rolex and the ‘anti-materialism’). I was just looking over some old journals and found some old writing from 5 years ago in a blue Five- Star Journal (I still have all my old Journals) andContinue reading “On Desire: Goals and Aspirations from a 19 year old Kid.”

The Exquisiteness of Amsterdam: Top 10 ‘must see’ experiences, on your next trip. (Travel Series)

Written and Presented by Miguel Hernandez Taking a trip to A-dam soon? Knowing where to be and where to go is key to having a good trip. Sure, you could check off that you went ‘here and there’ off your bucket list or must-see cities your list and you’ll have it made. But let’s makeContinue reading “The Exquisiteness of Amsterdam: Top 10 ‘must see’ experiences, on your next trip. (Travel Series)”

Does starting something new overwhelm you?

Overwhelmed Much? I’m feeling overwhelmed. I often feel overwhelmed when I want to start something new that I have no experience or much expertise in it, regardless of how interested I may be in such topic. This form of overwhelm-ness usually presents itself in the form in Career prospect opportunities – that’s when you reallyContinue reading “Does starting something new overwhelm you?”

Boon Joon-Ho’s Parasite – 2 min Review

Boon Joon Ho’s Parasite is a Masterful-Masterpiece. If you haven’t taken time out of your day to experience (and yes experience), because movies like these are a glorious experience for those who are lovers of cinema. Your doing yourself a great disservice. Parasite is a story of chance, opportunity, and economic class. And what manyContinue reading “Boon Joon-Ho’s Parasite – 2 min Review”

Today’s Social Disconnect between Men and Women

Written and presented by Miguel A. Hernandez Is This all there is? “Is this all there is?” There I am sitting at my local Starbucks thinking and pondering back and forth on this. It’s hard for me to feel like this is all there is to life. Like, once you achieve all your goals orContinue reading “Today’s Social Disconnect between Men and Women”