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Bocas del Toro (Travel Series)

The green Lusciousness escape is mirrored by it’s turquoise crystalline waters. Sandy beaches that seductively lure you in melt all of your problems away at the first step. The invigorating fibers perched on top of the luscious Palm Trees are penetrated by the rays of the 3′ o clock sun. It’s a nirvana for theContinue reading “Bocas del Toro (Travel Series)”

Fantasy Island (Brief Spoiler Discussion)

Written and presented by Miguel A. Hernandez 5 Contestants. All your wildest fantasies met. One island. Kind of sounds like the Netflix Documentary Fyre Festival (in a way it is if you watch the movie, lol.) Fantasy Island A Brief Spoiler Discussion. What a god awful movie, omg! Allow me a brief minute, I willContinue reading “Fantasy Island (Brief Spoiler Discussion)”

The downfalls of the Unemployable Jester: The Importance of Perspective

Written and presented by Miguel A. Hernandez Why will no one hire me? After so many setbacks in the job hunting process: one can easily fall into the traps, temptations, and the desperations, that ultimately break you down when rejection hits you. What’s to be said about this conundrum? Idk… If I had to takeContinue reading “The downfalls of the Unemployable Jester: The Importance of Perspective”

How do you deal with the frustrating overwhelming pressure?

Written And presented by Miguel Angel Hernandez In a world full of instant gratification, how do we battle the pressure of being patient and not losing our fucking minds in pursuit of our sweet little beautiful goals!? I feel frantic. I feel like i’ve delivered my soul to some to some evil entity – inContinue reading “How do you deal with the frustrating overwhelming pressure?”

Go for the cons. Because if the cons inspire you. Then the Pro’s will be the perfect icing on your cake.

Written and presented by Miguel Angel Hernandez I want to be freelance copywriter. It seems like a creative career for business and financially minded individuals like myself. But, I don’t have the necessary experience. I’m a great writer (of course, I would think I am), but there are so many challenges and efforts required forContinue reading “Go for the cons. Because if the cons inspire you. Then the Pro’s will be the perfect icing on your cake.”

Sentence Structure Practice

I’m a newbie writer so I wrote this little piece for creative writing class. – But I made some corrections: because I realize how much work my sentence structure and grammar need, lol. So I rewrote it with the purpose of improving my writing skills. Enjoy! The Other Child Such a broken disaster – MotherContinue reading “Sentence Structure Practice”

On my way to Business Cal. this next time around

How to put this into words? It’s an icky feeling. Words don’t do it any justice. The feeling is too exponential that no amount of algorithms will allow me to find the greatest common factor for it. I’m not sure I have the proper derivatives to find the solution this time. I feel that myContinue reading “On my way to Business Cal. this next time around”

“Hustle Culture” An angry rant

Written and Presented by Miguel Hernandez My, oh my… How did our great, amazing and modern civilization progress to a new level of now attaching a label to literally everything – just to make us feel safe and sleep better at night. I get angry at the human species for being so stupidly- stupid, thatContinue reading ““Hustle Culture” An angry rant”

“Do this. Do That”

Written & Presented by Miguel Hernandez. The freelancer Challenge An Ultimate Guide to Self-destruction. “You must push out content” “You must blog” “You must know how to price your work/time” “Create a profile on Fiverr” “Make sure you drink 2x amount the coffee as the regular human being” “Create a structured outline” “You have toContinue reading ““Do this. Do That””

Breaking in to the New Year…

Starting off this week with a bang! Wow, what a way to start off 2020! The Golden Globes were yesterday! Damn, J-lo should’ve won best supporting actress for Major motion Drama instead of Laura Dern! How to start off the New Year? Wow…I have much that I want to accomplish this year. Like everyone, IContinue reading “Breaking in to the New Year…”